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Tambour Door Gets a New Canvas Backing - Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration. Tom Johnson of Thomas Johnson Antique Furniture Restoration in Gorham, Maine, restores an antique side table whose sliding tambours (commonly seen on rolltop Restorers Beveled Hoosier Tambour. Some people believe that disassembling a roll top desk to make repairs to the tambour is like finding the key to a Chinese Puzzle Box. With a bit of thought, you . Roll-top desks feature a flexible door or tambour made from several wooden slats which, when pushed or pulled, glide along side tracks to open or close the.

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A roll-top desk's door or tambour is what sets it apart from any other wood desk, offering a way to keep things out of sight, out of mind after the day's work is. Fixing a broken roll top desk is not nearly as hard as you might think. Last Friday, I shared with you the desk that I fixed up and painted. One of the things that. This is a guide about repairing a rolltop desk. A rolltop desk may reflect days gone by and serve as an accent piece, but when it gets stuck it is.

Some years ago I purchased an attractive, massive, rolltop desk. but need to know what material to use and how to make a sucessful repair. Q. Do you have a recommendation for a person or company that will fix the tambour on a roll-top desk? The backing is deteriorating. Alexandria. The roll-top desk was popular at the beginning of the last century. They were mass produced to satisfy the demand. Today, buying and.

Repairing and preserving your antique roll-top desk can be done by Foxwood restorations in Brighton. A lot of care in repairing the Tambour and restoring the. Furniture and Furnishings - Roll top desk repair - I have a 25 year old oak roll top desk. The slats have fallen off of the canvas on the roll top. Hi All, My Mom has a roll top desk with a cloth type backing. The backing is ripped splitting the top. What is the best way to fix this? Thanks. Q I decided to rehab the old roll top desk that has been in storage at my cousin's place for 30 years, but I have encountered a problem. The roll. This may not quite be joinery, but. I've got a job to repair a rolltop desk; the fabric backing the rolltop has split in a few spots and needs to [ ]. This oak roll-top desk arrived in pieces - an example of Cree Studios turning trash into treasure. No matter what its condition, there is always hope for a complete. Decades of building custom furniture, and repairing antiques, I finally had a rolltop desk visit the workshop. After nearly a century of office work. Repair those sticking or broken roll top desks with this all natural, cotton twill tambour cloth. Sold by the yard. Many roll-top desks are antiques. Because of their age and the amount of use over the years, they need some repair. Besides stripping and. GGs I'm repairing the tambour of a roll top desk. Not having taken much notice of roll tops before, I was under the impression that the slats were.