Change Android Emoji to iOS (Latest Methods Updated)

Have you ever wanted to change android emoji to iOS? Many of you must have thought of getting iOS emojis for android. Well, that’s not bad considering the classy look of the emojis of iOS and Android despite all its efforts fails to impress us with its stock emojis whether on Samsung or any other device.

If You Are The User Of Samsung Or LG, You Might Notice That The Emojis In These Manufacturer Devices Are Totally Different From That Google’s Design.Even Social Networks Like Twitter And Facebook Have Their Own Emoji Style.So here we have different ways depending on the device you Are Using to change Android emoji and getting iOS emojis for Android.

Why You Should Get iOS Emojis For Android

As You All Know From The Day “Shigeta Taka” Invented Emoji The Use Of Emoji Got a Sudden Rapid Growth. You All Uses Emojis Everywhere While Chatting Or Commenting On Applications Like Facebook And Whatsapp As Most Of The Devices Comes With Emoji Support And You All Know Android Has Its Own Developed Emojis For Its Users But Everyone Doesn’t Have Same Taste. So, They May Or May Not Like These Boring Android Emojis And Most Of The Time Searches For Changing Android Emoji or getting iOS emojis on your Android. Inbuilt Emojis Of Android Devices Doesn’t Look Great As Compare To iOS Emojis, That’s The Reason Most Of The People Looks For Method To Change Android Emojis To iOS.

How To Get iPhone Emojis On Your Android

This Is The First Question Came To Our Mind When We Talk About Changing Android Emoji To iOS That How To Get iOS Emojis On Your Android? Well! Here In This Article, I’ll Let You Know Some Working Methods By Using Which You Can Change Your Emoji Style And Get iOS Emojis On Your Android Device. You Came Across Many Fake Methods Of Changing Your Android Emoji to iOS emojis for Android Which Doesn’t Work And Literally Ends Up Wasting Your Precious Time. Those App Doesn’t Change Your Android Emoji To iOS, They Just Change The Graphical Image Of That Specific Emoji On Your Android Keyboard And Whenever You Send It To Your Friend They Get The Same Boring Android Emoji. So, Here You Can Get To Know About The Working Methods Of Changing Android Emojis.

METHOD 1: Get iOS Emojis For Android Without Rooting

Well! Most Of The Tweaks In An Android Device Requires Root But Here In This Method, I Will Tell You How You Can Change Your Android Emoji Style With iOS. At The Moment, It Works only With HTC And Samsung devices Running On Android Kitkat Or Above. So, Make Sure You Are having An Android Device Of HTC Or Samsung And Running On KitKat Or Above. For Changing Your Android Emoji And Getting iOS Emoji on your Android device. All You Have To Do Is Follow The Below Steps.

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  • First of all, you need to install an app named “Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 3”, it interferes with the font of your phone to implement the iOS emoji into your Android phone. Right now, the app is only compatible with HTC and SAMSUNG devices running Android 4.4 to Android 5.1.1, but we are sure that hopefully other devices would be supported too soon enough.

Play Store link: Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 3Get iOS Emojis On Android Without Root

  • Now that you have the app installed, navigate to your font settings page.

· For HTC devices, go to ‘Settings -> Display and gestures’.

· For SAMSUNG devices, go to ‘Settings -> Display -> Font’.

Now you’ll see the list of fonts available, there would be a font named ‘Emoji font 3’, simply select it and tap ‘Done’. The look of your font would slightly change from the stock one but you can reduce the noticeability by reducing the font size a little. After all, everything comes at a price, especially when you’re doing it without root. You’re Done !! Just restart your phone to reduce the bugs and get iOS emojis For Android Successfully.

Changing Android Emoji Of Android Running Marshmallow Or Higher

As we have told you earlier, the above process won’t work on Marshmallow or higher, for Marshmallow we have a different app named “Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 5”.Change Android Emoji To iPhone

  • Download the app here: Play store link: Emoji Fonts for Flipfont 5
  • After installing the app, just open it.
  • You’ll see a popup, on the popup click “OK” to install and apply the Android Marshmallow plugin. Please keep in mind that this is not the exact copy of iOS emojis on Android but this is the best you’ve got on Marshmallow especially without root. Go on, you’re done.
  • We hope you Successfully Changed Your Android Emoji To iOS.

METHOD #2: Get iOS Emoji On Your Android Device (WITH ROOT)

This process requires root, and hence can work on any rooted device! This process is a little bit longer but it pays off!If you do not have a rooted device and want to root your device follow this simple how-to guide on how to root your android device: HOW TO ROOT YOUR ANY ANDROID DEVICE. This Is The Best Method If You Want To get iOS Emojis For Android Device. All You Need A Rooted Android Device And Just follow the Below Steps.Change Android Emojis To iOS

  • Download And Install Emoji Switcher Application From Google Play Store.
  • Launch Emoji Switcher From your App Drawer, It Will Ask You For Root Permissions. Just Allow It.
  • From the dropDown Menu, Select iOS 10.2 Emojis And Click On Set.
  • Wait And Let iOS 10.2 Emojis Installed On Your Android Device.
  • After Installing Reboot Your Device And Now You Will Get iOS 10.2 Emojis On Your Android Device.

Method #3:  Forcibly Change Android Emojis To iOS (Rooted Device)

It Is One Of The Awesome Tweak While It Comes To Changing Android Emojis Like An iPhone. You Can Try This Method, If You Don’t Want To Use Above Mentioned Methods Or Those Methods Doesn’t Work For You. This Could Be Your Best Method To Make Your Emoji Like iPhone If Your Android Device Doesn’t Have Font Option.Change Android Emojis To Apple iPhone Emojis

  • Download And Install Emoji Font 3 From Google Play Store.
  • Download And Install iFont From Google Play Store.
  • Launch iFont, Clock On My Located At The Top Navigation Bar.
  • Now Click On My Install And Select Emoji Font 3.
  • Hit The Set Button And Select Language As English.
  • It Will Ask You For Permission, Allow It.
  • Reboot Your Android Device And Now, You Have iPhone Emojis On Your Android device.

Method #4: Changing Android Emoji to iOS Using Magisk (Rooted Device)

This Is The All New And Most Recommended Method To Change Your Device Emojis. Theobch Creates a Magisk Module Containing Apple Emojis And Make You Able To Install These Cool Emojis In Just A Click. All You Need a Rooted Android Device And Magisk Installed In It.Change Android Emoji To iOS

  • Make Sure You have a rooted Android Device And Magisk Installed On It.
  • Now Just Download iOS Emoji Magisk Module Which Simply Changes Your Emoji To iOS Without Changing Any Android System File.
  • Launch Magisk Manager And Head over Towards Modules Section.Change Android Emojis To iOS
  • Select The Zip File You Downloaded In Above Step And Wait For It To Get Installed On Your Android device.
  • Reboot Your Device And Now You’ll Enjoy Apple iPhone Emojis On Your Android device.

Well, As You All Know iPhone X Is Launched And The Cool Feature Of iPhone X Is Its New Animojis Which Is SomeThing really Very Cool. So, We Are Updating The Article To Let You Know How You Can Get iPhone X Emojis On Your Android Device.

Take A Note that Animojis Comes with An iPhone Costing Around $1000. So, It Is Really A Stupid Idea If You Think You Will Get The Same Animojis Like In iPhone X. But The Application Do Its Job Well And Let You Enjoy iPhone X Animoji On Your Android Device.

Get iPhone Animojis On Your Android

  • Download And Install Animojis Application From Google Play Store
  • Launch The Application You Downloaded From Playstore.
  • You Will See a Camere Just Switch Its Filter.
  • After Switching TheFilter, You Will See 2 Filters One Of Pig And Smiley Face. You Can Choose According To Your Preference.
  • Voila, Now You Can Enjoy iPhone Animojis On Your Android Device.

Hope The Article Helps You In Changing Your Boring Android Emojis And Helps You In Getting New iPhone X Emojis On Your Android Device. Leave A Comment If You Have Any Query.



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