Do You Really Need Antivirus For Android?

If You Are new On Android you Might be Confused on Choosing the Best Antivirus App for Android. It’s Been A Topic Of Argument and Confusion Since A Long Time that is it Really Necessary For Us to Install Antivirus in our Android Mobiles.

Various antiviruses are Available In Google Play Store Since the Evolution of Android. Recently  Security Chief of Android “Adrian Ludwig” Clearly Mentions That There is no Need For Average Android Users To Install An Antivirus on their Phones. He told that “I don’t think any user will get benefit from these antivirus apps, he also mentions that these Android malware threats are “overstated”.
So, he just left us all in the confusion, one other side Google play store is selling android anti viruses and at the same, time chief security officer of Android is saying none of them doing their work. weird isn’t it.
Well, Android is Based on Linux, and Linux needs Some Special Permissions to Modify The System Settings so, it is not easy to harm any android without getting root permissions. Android Users having root permissions are more vulnerable to this malware as compare to non-rooted Android users. The reasons behind this are that in Linux kernel most of the thing works only after getting superuser permissions which non-rooted users don’t have.

Effects of malware on android

1)Performance drop

As the malware mainly Tries to start some special background processes these background processes simply downgrade the performance of your Android device. Depending on device hardware Android malware always tries to read, write and modify android system data which may lead to slower loading, hanging apps and other serious problems in Android. If you start facing performance drop issue in your android device a good way is to check for running apps. Here, all your running apps are displayed along with the memory usage and check for the app you found out to be misbehaving.
In some cases, the performance drop is due to installing many apps in a low-end device so, Every time you Can’t blame malware or viruses for performance drop.

2) Battery drain Issue

Battery drain issue is one of the hardest problems for any android device. This is all because malware carries out its process and activities in the background leads to the battery drainage issue on your android device.
Again there are multiple reasons for battery draining issue. May be your battery is dead. To check about the battery drainage issue open settings then select battery and check for the biggest battery drainers if you find something offensive simply uninstall that app it may contain any virus or it may be a malware.

3)Increase in data usage

Most of the hackers just didn’t create malware just for annoying and harassing you. sometimes they installed malware on your phone to get some benefit from that. they may communicate to different online servers by using your phones data plans or may transmit information to somewhere else which may lead to the spike in your data plan.

How Do You get malware on your Android device

The most common factor of getting malware on your android is installing third party apps without checking for infected apk files. As google play store uses a google bouncer program to scan every new application published for malware attacks but there is a great problem in pirated and tweaked apps likewise if you install any keyboard apps it may contain a keylogger which may save your all keystrokes and may transfer it to different servers online which might make you fall in trouble. sometimes if you don’t put an eye on these pirated apps they make your browser download some malware files in your android device. your common sense may work here like if you are not a tech savvy ensure it that you must download every android application from the trusted sources only. don’t fall in the trap of these pirated apps which may sometimes contain malware.


We hope that above information gives you some glimpse of Android security. Now I don’t think you need an antivirus you just have to make sure that you only use trusted sources like google play store for an android applications and doesn’t visit unknown sites there is no need of antivirus in your android device and seriously android antivirus apps come with their own drawbacks they sometimes may drain your battery and drop the performance of your Android too.



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