Methods To Download Tumblr Audio Files

Tumblr is one of the most visited websites all over the world. According to Alexa, it is 30’st most used websites accessed all over the world. Tumblr is a social network and a microblogging site at the same time.  it was founded by David Carp back in 2007. Tumblr has a large user base all over the world and they use it accordingly.  Some Use it for Sharing their views to the world, some for showing their talent, some for getting knowledge. Tumblr allows users to post a different type of content like images, music videos and other multimedia content over their Tumblr account in a short blog form. Tumblr Users can follow each other and able to access other Tumblr blogs, they also have an option to make your blog private if you want to share just with your known friends.

If You are using Tumblr, you may come across a number of great audios and songs which have been uploaded to Tumblr on a daily basis and you want to download them. but, directly there is no method to download these audios from Tumblr. So, in this article I will let you know some working methods which will help you in downloading your favourite Tumblr music with ease.

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Downloading Tumblr Audio Over Your PC

Download Tumblr Audio

Method #1. Download Tumblr Audio Using Firefox Extension:

Here, I am explaining a method for downloading Tumblr audio notes on your pc using Mozilla Firefox. All you need is a PC with Firefox and Greasemonkey installed with it. just follow the below steps and you are ready to download your favourite music files over your pc.

  • Download And Install Mozilla Firefox On Your PC.
  • Now, Click on Firefox drop-down menu which can be easily found at the top left of the browser and tap on add-ons.
  • Search For Greasemonkey Extension into the add-ons search box which can be easily found at the top right of the browser.
  • Look For the Greasemonkey in the list and click to install.
  • Restart Firefox and you will see a new Monkey icon will appear on the right sidebar of Mozilla Firefox.
  • Now, download TumTaster Greasemonkey script from here and install it.
  • Again Restart Your Mozilla Firefox and visit Tumblr.
  • Look for your favourite Tumblr audio notes and now you will have download option over there.

Method #2. Download Tumblr Audio Using  Chrome Extension:

In the previous Mozilla Firefox method, You have to first install Greasemonkey addon and then tumtaster Script for Greasemonkey then only you are able to download Tumblr audios. but in a case with google chrome, it is somewhat different from Mozilla Firefox, for downloading Tumblr audio in chrome all you just need to download TumTaster extension for google chrome just follow the given steps.

  • Download and install Google Chrome on your pc.
  • Visit The Chrome Store and search for TumTaster And Install It On Your Chrome.
  • You Can Also Directly Install TumTaster Extension From Here.
  • Now, Go to Tumblr and Find the post with an audio note. now, you will see click to download button over there.

Method #3. Download Tumblr Audio Using Developer Tools:

It is another good method by using which you can easily download your favourite music files from Tumblr. In this method, you don’t need to download different browser extensions for downloading your favorite audio files from Tumblr. All You need is developer tools integrated in your desired internet browser. Just follow the below steps for downloading your favourite audio note using the browser developer tools.

  • Launch Your Internet Browser, it may be chrome or Firefox and go to the Tumblr post where the music file has uploaded and wait for the web page to load fully.
  • Click on the play button on Tumblr audio.
  • Right Click On Audio play From there and Click On Inspect Element.
  • Look over HTML code there,  find the code which will something look like this <audio preload= “auto”>.
  • Click There and expand the code. Search For The URL in the code.
  • Double Click On The URL in The SRC Block and Copy it to the clipboard.
  • Paste the copied URL Over address bar of your internet browser and your file will start downloading automatically.
  • This Way You can easily download your favourite Tumblr audio without using any specific extension on your internet browser.

Download Tumblr Audio Over Your Android Phone

In this article we already shared methods by using which you can easily download your favourite music from Tumblr using different internet browsers on your pc. here, in this section I will let you know how you can easily download your favourite music files from Tumblr using your android phone .here, we will be using an android application Timbloader for Tumblr which will let you download your favourite music and audio from Tumblr on your android device. the best thing about this android app is that it not only helps you in downloading  Tumblr audio but you can also download your favourite images and videos using this android application. just follow the below mentioned steps to download your favourite audio and other media files from Tumblr using your Android device.

  • Go to Google Play Store On Your Android Device.
  • Search For The Application Named Timbloader For Tumblr In The Google Play Store Search Box.
  • Download And Install Timbloader For Tumblr In Your Android Device.
  • Again, Launch The Tumblr App On Your Device.
  • Look For The Multimedia Content, You Want To Save in your android device.
  • Click On The Share Or Send Button Below Your Desires Audio, Image, Video You Want to download and save in your android device.
  • Choose Timbloader For Tumblr From The List.
  • Wait, till the information get fully loaded.
  • Now, Just Click On The Download Button.
  • This Way You Can Easily Download Your Favourite Media Content From Tumblr On Your Android Device.

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Final Words:

Hope, the article helps you in downloading your favourite Music files from Tumblr with ease. Do let us know in comments If You Have Any problem or the method isn’t working for you. Also, share this informative article with your friends.


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