Using Recycle Bin For Android Can Be A Better Option

It is Happened With Most of Us  from Time to Time that We Accidentally Deleted Our Data or Lose Our Important Data By Mistake. It really Put us in Dilemma  at a Certain point  as The Deleted Data May be Our Office Documents, Our Holidays Pictures or Any Other Important Thing. Then we All started to Searching for the Methods to Recover Lost Data & Most of  The Results We Got are Scam They Simply Take Money From us and Just Recovers  Some Shitty Stuff Which is of No Use.

Dumpster Recycle Bin For Android.
Recycle Bin For Android

So, in This Article I Will let  you Know About an Android App Called Dumpster Which Acts Like Recycle Bin In Windows. As, If You Deleted Any File It Will Go Straight To Dumpster From Where You Can Restore The Files If Needed. Dumpster Will Helps You In Recovering All Types Of Files Such as Images, Videos, Apps as it supports Most Of The File Types Available at The Current Scenario. It Will Acts as A Safeguard For Your Precious Data Stored In Your Mobile. It Will Keep Your Files Preserved Until You Manually Delete It By Yourself.

How To Install Dumpster: Recycle Bin for Android


  1. Install The Dumpster Application From Google Play Store.
  2. Launch The Dumpster App. If You Want To Know About How To Operate This Recycle Bin For Android Simply Click On Show Me How.
  3. Now Dumpster is Ready To Rock on Your Device . All The Deleted Files Will Come Straight Forward In Dumpster App From Which You Can Easily restored Your Files.
  4. Now Just Delete Any File and Check The File Will Be Shown In Dumpster App.
  5. Launch The Dumpster App and Search For The Deleted File If it Is Showing it is Working Properly You Can Easily Restore It.
  6. Now Click On Restore To Save The File Again.

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Advantages Of Using Dumpster:

  • No Root Permissions Required For Using Dumpster in Your Device. It will Run Smoothly In Both Rooted & Non-Rooted Devices.
  • It Will Gives You Unlimited Bandwidth Means There Is No Boundation Of Storage You Can Easily Restore Large Size Files Too.
  • Wherever You Deletes The File It will Saved In Dumpster.
  • Dumpster Helps You In Recovering Every Format Of Files Available.
  • You Can Easily Preview Deleted Files.
  • You can Recover Uninstalled Applications too.

Disadvantages Of Using Dumpster

  • No Cloud Storage Available In Dumpster. If You Want To use Cloud Storage You Have To Pay A Nominal Charge Monthly.
  • You Cant Even Lock The App, For This You Have To pay A Monthly Charge.
  • Ads Are Too Annoying.


Now, You Don’t Need To Worry About Deleting  Any File Accidentally As The problem Is Solved By Dumpster Which Creates a Recycle Bin In Your android. Hope The Article Helps You. Please Share The Article As Much As Possible.



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