Free Up internal Storage Space On android

Currently, Most Of The Mobile Users Are Running Android Device. As The Popularity Of Android Is Increasing day By Day, The Issues Related To Android Devices Is Also Increasing With The Same pace. There Are Many issues Occurs From Time To Time In Our Android Devices But The Most Common And Annoying issue Now A Days Is Insufficient Internal Storage error. This Issue Mainly Happens as Android Is Getting Updates On Regular Basis. So, We Need More Storage At That Time.  Even I  Faced The issue many times But I got Success in Fixing This Insufficient Internal Storage error. So,  In this article am Sharing With you all  Methods About How You Can Free Up Internal Storage Space on Android.

Free Internal Storage On Android

So,  In this article am Sharing With you all  Methods About How You Can Free Up Internal Storage Space on Android. Just Take A deep breath & Start Reading It From The Scratch & I Hope, at the End, you Will Get This  Internal Storage Space Error Fixed.

Clearing Cache:

Cache Files  Is One Of The Most Storage Consuming Things In An Android. As You Uses Any Android Applications It keeps Storing Cache For Future Reference. Suppose You Are Using Chrome In Your Device Suddenly You Want to Play a Song And Launch Music Player In Your Device, Again You Launch Chrome Now It Takes You To The Same Page From Where You Leave This Is All Due To Cached Data Of Chrome In Your Device. Cache Files Also Helps You To Increase Applications Speed But It Consumes A large Space In Android Storage, It keeps Increasing as more we Uses our Android Apps. So the Best Thing Is To Delete These Cache Files From Time To Time. For Clearing Cache You May Download Junk Cleaner Apps From Google Play Store Or You Can Also Manually Cleared The Cached Data.For Manually Clearing cache data You Just Have To Launch Settings From The Menu And From That Select Application Manager/Installed Apps Whatever  You Have In Your Android Device And Look For The App You Want To Delete Cache of & Click On Clear Cache. Remember To Not Click On Clear Data As You Will Lost All The Saved Settings And Progress In That Application.

Using SD Card:

As Most Of Android Devices Comes with microSD card Slots.If Your Device Also Have an SD Card Slot Make Sure TO Use Memory Card In It. So, That You Can Easily Free Up Your Android Internal Storage. You Can Store Music, Videos, Pictures And Even Android Applications In Your Memory Card. Now, Some Android Apps May Also Allow You To Store Cached Data Of Android Applications In Memory Card Too. It Is One Of The Best Method To Free Up Your Internal Storage On Android.

Removing Trash Files:

There Are Many Free Storage Analysis Apps Available On Play Store That Helps You In Removing Junk Files From Your Android Device. It Will Show You Most Storage Consuming Apps And Files So That You Can Delete It UP And Free Up Internal Storage Space On Your Android. It Also Shows Duplicate Files In Your Android Device You Can Remove All these Files According To Your Need.

Using Lite Version apps

As Now a Days Most Of The Apps Comes With Two Versions A Normal And A Lite One If You Are Running On A Low-End Android Device Make Sure To Use Lite Version Of Apps As They Take Less Storage Space And Are More Reliable In Comparable With Normal Ones.  Many Popular Apps Like Facebook Have Their Lite Versions App On Google Play Store. By Using These Lite Android Apps You Can Make Your Android Cleaning Up Your Internal Storage Space On Android.

Using Cloud Storage:

Make sure To Backup Large Files on Cloud Storage As It Helps In Saving Storage Space. After Backing Up Your Large Files You Can easily Delete It From Your Internal Storage As Now It Is Safely Saved On Your Cloud Storage.There Are Many Cloud Options Options Available Now & Our All Time Favourite Is Google Drive. But, You Can Use Any Cloud Service According To Your Preferences. By Using Cloud Storage You Will Take A Great Step Towards Clearing Up Your Android Internal Storage.


By Using Our Few Simple Tricks You Will Never Run Out Of Space In Your Android Device Anymore. I Hope, This Article Will Help You In Free Up Your Internal Storage in Android Device.


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