Create Your Own GIFs In Android

From the Day Facebook Introduce The Gif Functionality it has Been In Trend. GIFs Are Something Less Than Video And More Than A Simple Image.  GIFs Take Over The emojis In Our Social Life As They Are More  Popular & Trendy nowadays.  GIF Stand For Graphics Interchange Format. It Is Nothing But The Moving Images. Our Way Of Communication Has Gone Far Away Now Most Of The Time we Uses Graphics in Our Conversation and from which approx 65% part is covered by GIFs. These are trending in the social planet whether we talk about facebook, twitter every social network.

After seeing the GIFs First Time You Always Wanted To Create Your Own GIF Now, people are more interested in using GIFs in their conversation as it makes their conversation funny and interesting too. As on the Internet, You Can find Many gif Makers But We Selected Awesome Gif Makers For You.  In This Article, I will Let You Know some Awesome Android Apps which help you in creating GIFs with ease.

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GIF Droid:

whenever We Talk About Creating GIF The First App Came In Our Mind Is GIFDroid, By Using This You Can Create Some Outstanding GIFs  Which Can Be Shared With Your Friends Among All Major Social Platforms. Just Follow The Below Steps To Create Your Own Gif using Gif Droid App.

  • Download Gifdroid From Google Play Store.
  • Launch The Gif Droid App To Create GIFs. You Got two Options In The App either You Select The Video Present In your Storage or you can even Record The Video Using The app.
  • Now Select The Part Of The Video, You have to just move the gray bar On The selected Video You Want To Convert Into An Animate Gif.
  • You Can Edit The Gif preferences From The App, Set The Size Of Gif, Delay Between The Time Frame,  Adjust FPS And Can Even Select The Time Frames WIthout Making ANy Change In The Size Of Animated Gif.
  • Now, Just Click On The Create Gif Text ANd The Final Result Will Be Shown Up.
  • In The Last Step, You Can Preview The Gif And Share It Among Your Friends.

Gif Maker:

Gif Maker Is One Of The Cool Android Application For Creating Animated Gifs

  • Install GifMaker From The Google Play Store.
  • Launch The App & Select Make Gif Option To Create Gif From Your Local Images.
  • Select the Desired album From Where You Want To Select images For Creating Animated Gifs. You Can Select Many Images For Creating Animated Gifs.
  • Just Click On The icon  Present At The Top Corner Of screen And Your gif image has been created.
  • You Can later edit the Animated gif According To Your Preference And Share It Among Your Friends.

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It Is an Another Good App For Creating Animated Gif In Android. The Gif Camera Helps In Creating The Gif From The Local Photos Available On The Device.

  • Install The Gif Camera From Google Play Store.
  • Click On  From Local and Load The Available Images From The Device To Create GIFs.
  • Start clicking The Images you want To Convert Into GIFs and Click On The Check Icon.
  • Choose The FPS Value And Click On Save. Now, You Successfully Created An Animated Gif.


Animated GIFs have become popular all over The Internet. GIFs Give Us A Lot Of Fun In Our Conversation. Hope, The Article Helps You In Creating Your Own Animated GIFs WIth Ease.



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