Hidden Camera Features You Should Know About

Hello Friends, Whenever We Talk About our Phone’s Camera The Things Which Came In Our Mind Is Capturing Photos, Videos and selfies Nothing More. As Most Of The people Doesn’t Know About The potential Of A Smartphone’s Camera It Can do Some Tremendous  Task  That Most Of  Us Doesn’t Know about.

So, In This Article I will Let You People Know Some Awesome Things That Can be Happened Just By Using Your Phone’s Camera With The Help Of Some Hidden Camera Features. Read The Full Post & Discover The Hidden Tricks.

Solve Your Mathematics Problem

Hidden Camera Features

Amazing! Yes Isn’t it.  You Can Easily Solve Your Maths Problem Just By Using Your Phone’s Camera  Am Not Talking About Phones Calculator. You Can Easily Solve Most Of The Mathematics Problem By Placing Your  Problem Under Your Smartphone’s Camera. You Have To Just Download An Application Named Photo Math  From Google Play Store. Now, You Have To Just Write A Maths Problem & Place Your Camera Over It & The Photo Math Will Do The Magic For You. Photo Math Provides Complete Step By Step Solutions, Colourful Explanations And Many Other Handy Features.

Captures The Pic Of Person Using The Phone

Hidden Camera features

Now,   The Next Amazing Thing Of Your Smartphone’s Camera Is You Can Easily Catch The Person Who Is Trying To Unlock or Use your Phone During Your Absence. You Have To Just Download Crook Catcher App From Google Play store and Enable it. Now,Everyone Trying To Unlock Your Phone Will Get caught as The Crook Catcher Will Capture Everyone Who Put A Wrong Unlock Code Or Pattern and Send The Picture To Your Linked E-Mail Along With The Location. Isn’t It Cool? Yes! it is.

Makes Your Smartphone CCTV Camera

Hidden Camera features

Yes, you heard it right you can even use your smartphone’s camera as CCTV .You Have To  Just Download Motion Detector App from Google Play Store.This App Uses Built-In Camera To Detect The Movements In Surrounding Area Using An Advanced Motion Detection Algorithm.  You Can set your preferred Sensitivity level and put it in any stable place accordingly. Now Any one comes in front of your phone or any object changes its location, This App Captures a Pic Instantly. If You Are outside Your Home You can even set an email address to Receive the images in your inbox.

Translate Every Word You Want

Hidden Android Features

Sometimes, It Put Us In Trouble If We Are Travelling To Other Country As We Don’t Know About The Language Spoken There We Even Can’t Understand The Sign Boards As They Are In The Language We Didn’t Understand. So, Google Translate Comes their As a Saviour. Just Download Google Translate From Play store. Launch The App You Will See Camera Icon On The Top Left Corner. just Click On That  Capture the Words Written Anywhere. Google  Will Translate It Into The Desired Language you want.

Measure The Height And Distance Of Any Object

Hidden Android Features

You Can Even Measure The Height Of any Object or Distance Between You and The Object Just By Downloading The App Smart  Measure Available On Google Play Store. This App Measures The Distance And Height Of A target Using Trigonometry. You Have To  Just Launch The App To Measure Anything .
So, Friends These Are Some Awesome Camera Tricks Which Can be Done By Your Smartphone’s Camera. Hope, it May Helps You. please Share


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