‘Honor 8 Pro’ vs ‘Oneplus 5’ Which One to Grab?

Planning to buy a new flagship? Confused between the two latest beasts? Thinking about the quality and specs? Don’t worry we have done that for you. Well go on reading and find out which one suits yours need? Don’t forget to tell me in comments…

In June 2017, Chinese brand OnePlus unveiled its new beast “OnePlus 5”, ever since its release, it became one of the most popular smartphones yet! Not just because of the name but because of the impressive specs too! But it’s not the only beast ruling the market right now, Huawei also announced its successor to Honor series, the “Honor 8 Pro” on April 2017! We really weren’t able to decide which one is best but we have differentiated both for you.

Huawei Honor 8 Pro vs OnePlus 5

The Design

Talking about the honor 8 pro, we really were impressed by this device when we got our hands on it. Though the building material was same as OnePlus 5 but thanks to the Huawei’s colour choice and build quality, Honor 8 pro stands out excellent and unique in terms of the body while OnePlus could be confused with other devices too!(Though the devices are iPhone 7 Plus or Oppo R11 which are quite expensive too). While the Honor 8 pro weighed much heavier i.e. 184 gm (6.49 oz) as compared to the OnePlus 5 which weighed just 153 gm (5.40 oz). Its important to note that there was no problem in holding both the beasts because of the great building material used ! When it comes to the size ‘Honor 8 pro’ is slightly bigger i.e. 157 x 77.5 x 7 mm (6.18 x 3.05 x 0.28 in) while OnePlus 5 featured dimensions of 154.2 x 74.1 x 7.3 mm (6.07 x 2.92 x 0.29 in), also making ‘Honor 8 pro’ significantly slimmer than OnePlus 5. Its quite significant to note that ‘Honor 8’ featured a bigger display and battery compared to the OnePlus 5, so the additional weight and size is justified here. Although both phones have identical body to screen ratio (73.6% in Honor 8 and 73.0 % in OnePlus 5), Huawei device has a rear-mounted fingerprint which gives it more space at the front.

The Display

When it comes to display we can easily say that Huawei device has left behind the OnePlus one. And the credit goes to the LTPS IPS LCD screen with a larger 5.7 inch Quad HD (2560×1440) panel on the ‘Honor 8 Pro’ while there was Oneplus’s earlier used 5.5 inch Full HD (1920×1080) Optic AMOLED display on board in the ‘OnePlus 5’. Also crediting to the bigger display of Honor 8 pro, it comes with the much higher pixel density of 515ppi as compared to the 401ppi of the OnePlus 5.

Hardware Specs and OS

When it comes to the motherboard, Honor 8 Pro features the Mali-G71 MP8 in the GPU with the HiSilicon Kirin 960 ‘Octa-core’ processor in the ‘central processing unit’ and OnePlus 5 is using the latest dragon in the Snapdragon series i.e. the Snapdragon 835 ‘Octa-core’ processor along with the Adreno 540 in the GPU.

The ‘Honor 8 Pro’ leaves behind OnePlus 5 in terms of storage capacity! Thanks to the additional microSD card slot with the total capacity of 256 GB as compared to no microSD card slot on the OnePlus 5. Although the microSD card slot in the ‘Honor 8 Pro’ comes with a disadvantage i.e. it uses the sim 2 slot which gave us a little bit of sadness, but I guess everything comes at a price. If we talk about the internal storage ‘Honor 8 Pro’ features a 64 GB internal storage packed with two variants of RAM i.e. 4 GB and 6 GB, while OnePlus decided to take the storage of ‘OnePlus 5’ to the next levels and released two variants one is 64 GB of internal storage packed with 6 GB of RAM, and the second is 128 GB of internal storage packed with 8 GB of RAM. The good thing is both the phones are using the UFS 2.1 storage which gives faster data transmissions and read/write speed.
In the OS category ‘OnePlus 5’ features the latest Android 7.1.1 Noughat along with OxygenOS while the ‘Honor 8 Pro’, being slightly older features Android 7.0 on board along with the company’s Emotion UI 5.1 (Latest yet).

Battery and the Camera

Nowadays the most common thing one would think before buying any smartphone is either its camera or battery. Seeing the specs, we thought the camera of both the devices would be same as both featured a dual-camera setup at the rear, but we were amazed by the results it yielded. Since the technology and sensors involved in both the devices were completely different, so we were easily able to differentiate between the images by the two!


If we talk about the ‘Honor 8 Pro’, it comes with 12 MP, f2.2 camera with laser autofocus and two different sensors one is a RGB sensor and other one is a monochrome sensor to add up that extra crisp of contrast, color and the texture. A dual-LED flash on the rear adds up to the charm of the camera. Both the sensors work significantly well yielding great images. The camera is also capable to capture great low-light photos, which alone makes it a better camera out there.
OnePlus 5, on the other hand has worked well with the field-depth and the bokeh effects! It comes with a standard 16 MP, f1.7, 24 mm sensor in addition to the 20 MP, f2.6, 36mm lens giving it a 1.6x Optical Zoom, and thus creating a significant field-depth and bokeh effect ! If you have ever used a DSLR and want some phone with DSLR like photos, this is it, this could be all you need !


‘OnePlus 5’ comes with a 3,300 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery, which we thought was quite less and might not last even a day with heavy usage and gaming, the only great help provided here is a great battery saving feature which might help you!, while, on the other hand, ‘Honor 8 Pro’ comes with a 4,000 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery, which we think is a really wise decision of company, owing to the bigger display with a much higher resolution here.

Price Fight

The Huawei Honor 8 Pro is priced in India for Rs 29,999, it was recently announced for Indian markets. The device was sold on the 10th of July at 6 PM exclusively via Amazon India.
The OnePlus 5 comes in different price tags ranging from the 6 GB variant priced at Rs 32,999 upto the RS 37,999 for the 8 GB variant. It’s available on Amazon India, the company’s online store and the OnePlus stores across the country.

The Final Conclusion

There is no doubt that both the devices were flagships among the high-end devices out there in market but it all comes to the need of the customer and his budget. No doubt the devices can be compared in many ways owing to the similarity in the hardwares. For as much as we used and learned about both the devices, we find that Huawei is sure a value of money thing.
Even though the OnePlus 5 has a DSLR-alike camera, Honor 8 Pro also had a great camera plus it featured a lot better display, a bigger battery, and no doubt we liked the design of Honor 8 Pro. In addition to all these things the best thing here is that ‘Honor 8 Pro’ is a lot cheaper than ‘OnePlus 5’. If we talk financially, ‘Honor 8 Pro’ is a great choice but if you don’t have budget issues, we suggest you should go for ‘OnePlus 5’. You see in a fight of two lions, you never know who’s gonna win, although both the handsets are impressive to the best.



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