iMessage For PC And Android

Humans have been communicating ever since the Stone Age, with the income of telephone long-distance communication was possible, and then came Short Message Service (SMS) which was popular to a large extent. When a person was not available on call people used to send SMS’s but that was overtaken by E-mails as they can contain more length and were cost-effective as opposed to SMS. Apple came with iMessage For PC which works on Apple Ecosystem.

iMessage came even before WhatsApp, Hike and other such services and still after WhatsApp and other services people use iMessage but the sad part happens to be that it is available only to the Apple users. With the time people have got different workarounds to make the same work on Windows PC and even on the most widely popular operating system for Mobile Phones i.e. Android. Let us have a look at the following methods to start using iMessage on your Windows PC and Android Mobile.
It is quite clear that Apple is not going to give Windows and Android users a way to use iMessage on their systems, hence let us see the walkthrough of the workaround method. For using iMessage on your Windows machine is quite easy for which you have to use a software which is known as iPadian, it is a simple emulator which emulates an iPad on your system or By using google chrome extension called Chrome Remote Desktop. Here are the Two Methods to use iMessage on PC:

How To Install iMessage On Your Windows PC

Install iMessage For PC Using Chrome Extension

  • You Must Have Two Machines For Enjoying iMessage on your pc, MAC With iMessage installed in it and a pc running on Microsoft Windows.iMessage For PC
  • Now, You have to download google chrome and a chrome extension named Chrome Remote Desktop On Both of Your devices.
  • After Installing, launch the application on your device.iMessage For PC
  • Download chrome remote desktop host installer on your Mac device.
  • Now, Use the code given in chrome remote desktop to connect both of your devices.

Install iMessage For PC Using iOS Emulator

Download the iOS Emulator For Your windows pc from the official website to make sure it does not contain any type of virus.

  • Install the iPadian iOS Emulator software on your PC.
  • Once you are over through the installation procedure, now run the emulator from the icon on the desktop or search in the Start Menu.
  • When you will be using the software for the first time you will have to accept certain terms and conditions which are must for proceeding with the emulator.
  • In the search bar on the home screen search for iMessage.
  • Now download the app on the Emulator and launch the app in the emulator. Once the app is launched Sign Up for a new Apple ID or use the Existing one on your Windows PC.
    This is the best way to run iMessage on Windows PC, although there are certain ways with TeamViewer and Chrome extension of Remote Desktop Host they do require you to own an Apple device mostly an iMac or MacBook Pro which needs to be connected to net 24 x 7 which is not a feasible way.

Install iMessage On Your Android Device

By the above steps you can easily use iMessage on your Windows PC System but what if you need to use the same on the Go which means on a Mobile Phone which can be an Android Device because if it had been an iPhone you would have easily used it for iMessage. Although on Android we have plenty of messaging services there might be your clients who use iMessage for its security.
One of the downside if you need to use iMessage on Android is you need to own an iMac or a MacBook because you cannot use the WeServer the server application for the WeMessage app on a Windows PC because iMessage is not officially available on Windows. So we assume you have a Mac system and you need to use iMessage on Windows to go through the following steps to get it accomplished:

  • Install JDK on your Mac: WeServer application works on Java so download the same from the official websites, or if you are downloading it from any other third party website then make sure it is not a Virus.
    The Terminal must have Accessibility permissions as the WeServer will be running inside the terminal.
  • Once you are completed with the above steps install WeServer application on your Mac which you must download from the official sources only.
  • Once the WeServer application is downloaded extract the zip file and double-click on the “run.command” file located inside the WeServer folder.
  • Once the terminal is open you will be asked to enter your Apple ID, you will be asked for a password which need not be same of the Apple ID hence you must use a totally different password just for the WeServer application.
  • Once you enter the ID and password you will need to move to your Android Phone and download WeMessage on it from the Google Play Store.
    Find the IP Address of your mac, you must enter local IP Address if you need to use iMessage just in your WiFi network range, or enter the global IP if you want to use wherever you need to access iMessage on your Android Phone.
  • Once you find the IP Address move again to Android Phone and enter the IP Address, Apple ID, and the Password for the WeServer which we did set in Step 5.
  • Once you are done you will be asked to sync your contacts and then you will be able to use WeMessage to chat on iMessage with your Android Phone.
    Do make a note that with this method you will be able to use iMessage on Android Phone till your Mac is connected to PC, as soon as the internet connectivity with your Mac fails you will no longer be able to access the messages, also note that the internet provider doesn’t provide a dynamic address to you which can change every 24 hours.

These are the steps and methods which you can use to successfully run iMessage on PC and Android. The steps are quite easy and have been working with many users across the globe if by any chance you are experiencing any sort of difficulty in making iMessage for PC and iMessage for Android to work for you, do let us know in the comment section below we will help you with the errors. If You Want To Install kali Linux On Your Android Device You Can take a look here. Also, let us know about your experience of using iMessage on PC and Android.


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