Install Kali Linux on Android Device(Rooted And Non-Rooted Devices)

Have This Idea Ever Comes To Your Mind To Install Kali Linux On Android Phone? Maybe! But You Think It Is Not Possible To Install Kali Linux On Your Android Device Or Sometimes You Didn’t Found A Good And Working Tutorial to Install Kali Linux On Android Device or you may think that it is not possible to install kali linux without root.

Kali Linux Is Most Loved Operating System Of White Hat Hackers, Security Researchers And Pentesters Around The World It Will Gives You Some Amazing Hacking Tools to Use On Your Android Device. In This Article, I Will Let You Know How You Can Install Kali Linux On Android Phone Step By Step.

Kali Linux is one of the most advanced penetration testing Linux distribution for checking system vulnerabilities.Kali Linux Offers Advanced Penetration Testing Tool And It Is The Tool Box Part Of Most Of Security Researchers. It Is a Debian –Derived Linux Distribution Especially Designed For Digital Forensics And Penetration Testing. Kali Linux Comes Preloaded With Hundreds Of Penetrating Tools Like nmap, Armitage, Aircrack ng, BurpSuite And Many Other Hacking And Penetration Testing Tools. Kali Linux Is Mostly Used By Security Researchers And Hackers Around The World. For Most Of The People Kali Linux Is familiar On PC But As A Hacker You Want Some Hacking Tools On Your Mobile Too.In This Article, I Am Providing Different Methods To Install Kali Linux On Your Android Phone With Root Permissions And For Non-Rooted Users Too.

Why You Should Install kali Linux on Your Android Device

As You All knows Kali Linux Is One Of the Most Advanced Linux Distribution Loaded With Tons Of Cool Penetration Testing Programs. The main Aim Of Kali Linux developers Is  To Make It Available For Devices Running On ARM Architecture. As We cant Run Those linux Softwares On Our Android Device Which Are Available For Desktop PC Due To The Fact That Our Android Devices Doesn’t Have Standard GNU Libraries And Graphical X Server. So, For Android You have To Use Different Linux Applications Which Are Specially Developed For Android Device. So, All You Have To Do Is Install Linux Based Kali Linux on Your Android Device.

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Prerequisites To Install Kali Linux  On Android Phone (Rooted Devices)

  • Make Sure You Are Running On Android 2.1 Or Higher Versions And Your Device Must Be Rooted.
  • Check If Your Device Supports Loop Device.
  • Make Sure Your Battery Is Charged enough, As It is a Long Process.
  • You Need At least 5GB Or More free Space On your Android Device.
  • A Fast Internet connection As you Has to Download Different Files to Install Kali Linux On your Android Phone.
  • Patience, As It Needs A Lot of Time To Install Kali Linux On your device.

Some Applications To Be Downloaded To Install Kali Linux On Your Android Phone

  1. Busy Box –  Busy Box Is An Android App That Mainly Provide Many Unix Tools In A Single Executable File. It Runs Under Variety Of POSIX Environments.
  2. terminal emulator – Terminal Emulator Is An Android Application Which Let You Run Commands In Your Android Device.
  3. JuiceSSH – JuiceSSH Is a SSH Client That Let You Connect  To Kali Linux By Using Command Line Interface.
  4. VNC Viewer – VNC Viewer Let You Connect Your PC  Remotely Using Your Android Device.
  5. Linux Deploy – Open Source Android Application Which Let You Install Kali Linux On Your Android Device.
  6. Kali Linux Image – Kali Linux Image With All Inbuilt Security Tools.

Step By Step Guide  To Install Kali Linux On your Android device:

  1. After Downloading Kali Linux Image  Extract It In Your Computer Using Any Of your Compression Tools Like 7Zip Or WinRAR. After Extracting The File You Will Get Two Files Named As kali_Linux.img And Kali_Linux.img.md5 Copy And Paste The Kali_Linux.img File In Your Android Device Storage.
  2. Create An Empty Folder In Your Android Storage Path, You Can Name It Anything You Want to Put The img File In This Directory And Must Remember The Storage Path Where It Is Located. As You Need It Later.
  3. Enable USB Debugging From Developer Options.
  4. Launch BusyBox And Make Sure To Give Root Permissions to Apps Downloaded While Installing Kali Linux On Your Device. After Giving The Root Permissions Busybox Will Start Reading Files. Just Click On Install And It Will Replace Symlink With Busybox.
  5. After Installing Busybox, Launch Linux Deploy From App Drawer And Grant It Root Permissions, Click on Properties button. Next Screen Comes With Different Options Regarding the Installation Of Kali Linux On Your Android Phone Like Distribution, Architecture, Distribution Suite And installation Path.Kali Linux For Android
  6. choose The Distribution As Kali Linux And The Architecture As armhf. As Most Of the Android devices Comes With It.Kali Linux For Android
  7. Choose The Image Path Where You Put Kali_Linux.img File On Your Android Device.
  8. There Are Different Types Installation To Choose From Directory, File and Partition. I Would Recommend You To Select Installation Type As File.
  9. Choose Distribution Suite As Kali–rolling.
  10. Go Back And Wait Till You Get The Message Deployed.
  11. Launch VNC Viewer And Enter The Details Required.Install Kali Linux On Android On Android Phone
  12. Now Just Simply Click On Start To Boot Kali Linux.

Install Kali Linux On Android Phone Without Rooted Device

As you All Know Using And Installing Tools In a Rooted Phone Is Much Easier But All Users Doesn’t Have Their Phone Rooted. As Installing Linux Distro On Android Phone Generally Needs ARM-Supported And A Rooted Android Device. Meanwhile, If You Don’t Want To Void Your Warranty You Must Not Root It. So, Here I Will Share a Method By Which You Can Install Kali Linux On Android Phone Without Having Root Permissions. All You Have To Do Is Follow The Given Procedure.

  1. First of all Download GNUROOT from google play store. The Main Feature Of The GNUROOT App Is That It Crates a Fake Linux  Root Directory On Your Android Phone Which Fools The Linux Files Believe That It Is Running on a Rooted Android Device.Kali for Android Phone
  2. After Installing GNUROOT, It Will Gives You Option To Install The Lot of Linux Distro Roots like WHEEZY, GENTOO and More. You Have To Choose One of Them  And Click on “Create New Rootfs” and Wait Till The Process Completed.
  3. After the Downloading is Complete, You Have to Select the Distro in Second Drop Down List & Tick The Option “Launch As Fake Root”. Box And You WIll Get The apt-get And Other Root Commands.Kali Linux On Android Device
  4. Hit the launch “Launch Rootfs” Button.It Will Launch All The Linux Files Running On a Fake Linux Platform.Linux for Android without Root
  5. Now, You Successfully Installed Kali Linux on Android Phone Without Having Root Permissions.

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Kali Linux is One of The Best Operating System To Work With If You Are A Hacker Or a Cracker. Using The Above Given Methods You Can Install Kali Linux on Android Smartphone and Use The Complete Pentesting Test and Other Linux tools. Kali Linux Have  the superpower to turn an android phone into a portable network troubleshooting


  1. What about the wireless chipset of the mobile and whether or not it supports monitor mode? Do all mobiles support monitor mode? Without that prerequisite kali linux is literally worthless.


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