Best iOS Emulators For PC in 2018

You All Want To Use iPhone Apps, But Everyone can’t Afford An iPhone As They Are The Most Expensive Smartphone. As We Already Shared iOS Emulators For Android, By Using The Mentioned Apps You Can Enjoy iOS Apps On Your Android Device. Here I Am Sharing The Best iOS Emulators For PC By Which You Can Enjoy Your Favourite iOS Apps On Windows PC.

As You, All Knows iPhones Are The Most Expensive Smartphones Available On the Market. After Posting An Article About iOS Emulators For Android,  I Got Many Requests About posting An Article About iOS Emulators For Windows PC. So That Windows User Can Also Get The Taste of iOS Applications On Their Windows Device.In This Post, I’ll Be Sharing Some Awesome & Cool Emulators For PC By Using Which You Can Enjoy iOS Apps On Your PC Without Any Hassle.

As The Searches For “How To Run iOS Apps On Windows PC” And “Best iOS Emulators For PC” Are Growing Day By Day, We Tried Our Best To Solve Your Query By Writing This Article About Best iOS Emulators For PC in 2018.

What Is iOS Emulator For PC

As Most Of You  Knows That You Can’t Run iOS Apps Without Having An iPhone Device, Well Emulators Are Those Applications Which Allows You To Run Applications Of Other Operating Systems In Your Desired OS. Meanwhile, By Using iOS Emulators For PC You can Enjoy iPhone Applications On Your Windows PC. It Enables The PC System To Run Your Favourite iOS Apps On Them. These iOS Apps WOrks Same On Windows PC By Using iOS Emulators For PC  As It Works On An iOS Device. As We, All Know People Willing To Run Android Apps On PC Are More, But At The Same Time There Is A Huge Increment In People Searching How To Run iOS Apps On PC. By Using These Emulators And Simulators You Can Test Your Newly Build iOS Apps And Can Also Debug Them.

Uses Of iOS Emulators For PC

  • You Can Easily Test Your iOS Apps While developing them.
  • These iOS Emulators Can Run On Multiple Devices With Ease.
  • Developers Can Look For The Errors And Major Issues During Beta Testing of The Application.
  • You Will Get A Lot Of Prior Knowledge About Xcode And iOS Development Environment.

Best iOS Emulators for PC


iPadian iOS Emulators For PC

Ipadian Said To Be One Of The Best iOS Emulator For PC. As We Get To Know From The Name Ipadian Has Same User Interface Like It Is On Ipad. So, While Using Ipadian iOS Emulator For PC You Will Get The Same Feel As Of An iPad.Meanwhile, We Can Say That Basically iPadian Is An iOS Simulator Rather Than An Emulator. Whenever We Talk About The iOS Simulators For  Windows Ipadian Is The First iOS Simulator Which Comes To Our Mind. Ipadian Is One Of the Unique Application That Simply Transforms Your Windows PC To A Virtual iOS Device. You Will Get The Same Experience As Of An iPhone Or iPad Device By Using This iOS Emulator Software Including The Backgrounds, Buttons, toolbars And Similar User Interface Like As Of An iPhone device.

Ipadian Comes With An Inbuilt Dashboard Which Has Different Features Included In a Search Bar, A Dock With Common useful Applications And a Collection Of Different Program Icons.Since All iOS Apps Are Not Functional In iPadian That’s Why It Comes To Its Own Application Market.Most Of The Popular Apps Like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram Are Pre included In This iOS Emulator For Windows PC. You Will Also Get Games Like Angry Birds Preloaded In This iOS Emulator. It Is Said To Best iOS Emulator Or Simulator.There Are Two variants Of Ipadian Is Available for PC Users The First one Which Is Totally Free Is said To be iPadian Free Version Which Has Many Limitations And Comes With a Limits Bunch Of iOS Apps To Use While The Paid Variant iPadian Premium Version Has Different Premium Features And Doesn’t Come With Any Limitations in This iOS Emulator Variant of Ipadian You Can Use As Many iOS Apps You Want.

Features Of iPadian iOS Simulator

  • You Will Get a Separate App Market.
  • You Can Opt For Premium Version If You Want To Get Rid Of Annoying Ads.
  • iPadian Also Comes With Free Version.

iPhone Simulator:

iOS Emulator For Android

If You Are Looking For A Simple iOS Emulator For PC Having a Great User Interface Then iPhone Simulator Should Be Your First Choice. Basically, It Is a Flash Application Having Different Limitations. An Important Thing About iPhone Simulator Is That It Runs On Flash. iPhone Simulator Creates a Virtual iPhone On Your PC. As It Doesn’t Support Some iOS Applications Like Safari And App Store But It Still Works Like Charm For Other iOS Applications. It Is Mostly Used By iOS App Developers For Their App Testing Purpose.iPhone Simulator Comes With a Powerful Interface With Extremely Great High-Quality Graphics. By Using iPhone Simulator you Can Also Track Many iOS Apps And Different Concerns Related To Them. This iOS Simulator Is Totally Free Means You Don’t Need a Single Penny To Use This Great iOS Emulator For Computer All You Have To Do Is Download This iPhone Simulator. iPhone Simulator Is Available For Windows As Well For MAC Too.


iOS Emulator AndSimulator

Smartface Is An Another Pretty Good iOS Emulator For Windows Which Let You Run iOS Apps On Your Own Windows PC. Smartface Is Mostly Used By The iOS App Developers  To Test Their Newly Created iOS Applications As It Offers Complete Debugging Option For Most Of The iOS Apps. If You Are An iOS App Developer Then I’ll Highly Recommend You To Use This Awesome iOS Emulator for PC. It Offers The Beta Testing Environment For iOS App developers. By Using Smartface You Can Emulate Applications Of Different Generations iPhone device Like iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPad Mini etc. You Will Also Get Separate Space For Your Social Networks Like Facebook, Twitter Etc. The Best Thing About Smartface Is That It Will Let You Develop Various Cross Platform iOS Applications.Smartface Enhance The Productivity By Offering Various Unique Mobility SOlutions For Its Users.There Are Several Cool features Included In iOS Emulator For PC Like Javascript Library, Testing iOS Apps And Their Debugging Options, Enterprise Services And Plugins And Many More Features.

Air iPhone Emulator:

Run iPhone Apps On PC

Air iPhone Emulator Is An Another Cool iOS Emulator Available For Windows PC By Using Which You Can Enjoy Most Of iOS Applications With Ease Without Having Any Trouble. It Is Basically An Adobe AiR Application That Offers iPhone’s GUI And Makes You ABle To Run Most Of iOS Applications. It Is Mainly Developed To Initiate The Graphical User Interface Of An iPhone On To Your PC. Air iPhone Emulator Is Totally Free Application Available For Most Of The Operating Systems Like Windows And MAC.

iPad Simulator:

iPad Emulators For PC

iPad Simulator Is An Another iOS App Simulator That Allows You To Run Most Of The iOS Apps On Your Windows PC. iPad Simulator Is Basically a Google Chrome Extension That Works Within the Google Chrome Browser. This iOS Emulator For PC Offers a No. Of Different Features That Gives You a Cool Experience Of SIRI Without Having An iPad Or iPhone Device. Users Can also  Use iMessage App For Sending And Receive Messages Like They Used To Do In iPad. You Can Create Your Own Personal iOS Apps Within Seconds, Run Your Favourite Web Services And Can Do Many Other Cool Things Like HD Animated Background, Multitasking, Drag and Drop Apps And you can Also search for Your favourite Apps With the Help Of  Search And Browse Page.

MobiOne Studio:

MobiOne iOS Emulators For PC

MobiOne Is The Application That WOrks As An iOS Emulator And Simulator At The Same Time. MobiOne Studio Works As a Cross-Platform For Both Android And iOS Mobile Systems. As It Is Being Made On HTML 5 Hybrid System, Mobione Helps The Beginner Developers To BuiltNative iOS App Without Having Any Prior Expert Knowledge. It Is Mostly Beneficial to App developers Who Are Willing To Develop Cross-Platform Applications. You Will Get The Same Notification Status Like As Of in iOS.One of An Important Feature For iOS Developers Is That After Completion Of A Project, It Will Automatically Download The App Installation File On Your PC. It Is Available Free Of Cost And Can Easily Work On Windows And MAC.

Xamarin Testflight:

Best iOS Emulators For PC

Xamarin is Another Useful And Powerful iOS Emulator For PC That Let You Install And run Your Favourite iOS Application On Your PC. Xamarin Offers a Great User-Friendly Interface And Has Advanced Support For The Fluent Running of iOS Apps.You Just Have To Download And Install Xamarin on Your PC And You Will Be Able To run iOS Apps On Your PC. The Best Thing About This iOS Emulator Is That It Is An Apple Owned Emulator And Due To This it Can Perform Most Of The iOS Task Easily And efficiently. You Need To Pay $25 Per Month For Using This Cool iOS Emulator For PC.

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Final Words:

As From The Article, you Will Get To Know How You Can Access iOS Applications From Your Computer Or Laptop. By Using Above Mentioned Softwares, You Can Easily Use iOS Applications On Your PC As It Will Create a Virtual iOS Device On Your Computer.Hope, You Have Selected Your Favourite iOS emulator.

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