Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Jailbreaking iOS device!


Jailbreaking iOS : A need or an abomination?


One can never be satisfied with whatever they have, plus with the latest iPhones coming, the more the number of restrictions come. Well, we totally do not blame Apple for this because it is hardly working to increase the safety and security of their iPhones. The developers have found a way which is Jailbreaking iOS device! You can try jailbreaking iOS devices to acces their root. As I was saying, one can never be satisfied, so at least once, maybe you would have thought of jailbreaking your iPhone and free yourself from the barriers Apple put forth. Android is an open source platform, it is always tweakable and customizable, it’s very expandable while iOS, on the other hand, is quite limited, credits to the added safety and security. So, we are left with one choice ‘Jailbreak it’.


**Jailbreaking iOS is a risky process that we can’t unreservedly recommend, but it remains popular among those who wish to install unofficial apps and tweaks on their smartphone or tablet via the Cydia marketplace. Also, it voids your warranty, once you’ve jailbroken such a device, you should understand that you should expect no help from Apple if it causes you trouble in the future. With choice comes responsibility.


Is Jailbreaking iOS device safe?

Jailbreaking iOS is same as rooting your android, the only difference here is that Android safely allows access to the system core while iOS fights against the access.

Jailbreaking iOS frees it from the limitations imposed on it by Apple or companies like AT&T or Verizon etc. Once jailbroken, you can do

Jailbreaking iOS is safe until and unless the process goes wrong somehow or you install some random app that slows down your beast and makes it a crawling turtle. Some users have reported ending up with a dead iPhone which is not more than just the World’s most costly paperweight.(We hope it never happens to you though) But as long as you stay safe, do everything right, we do not think you would have any problem on a Jailbroken iPhone.

Some of the unofficial apps that you’ll gain access to after jailbreaking  iOS are pretty tempting, and may offer features you’d never otherwise be able to access, but be wary; jailbreaking your iOS and installing tweaks and apps from disreputable sources may lead to hackers being able to access your iPhone. We recommend only using reputable sources, such as those pre-loaded in Cydia, and staying away from any pirated repositories – it may be tempting to download tweaks for free, but you might be handing over access to all your personal information at the same time! Jailbreaking you iOS do come at a price.!

Why Jailbreak?

This one is a quite catchy question. Why should we jailbreak iPhone? Let us tell you jailbreaking your iPhone is like purchasing your own house instead of living within the four walls flat in some apartment. There is no limit of what you can do with a jailbroken iPhone. The leading benefits being the removal of limitations by Apple Inc. and other companies like AT&T and Verizon etc. and complete transformation oh iPhone through changing of themes and various control center changes. Well, installing third-party apps which aren’t free or available in the App Store is like a gifted bonus.

Proceed to ‘Jailbreaking iOS devices’? A complete How-To-Guide (The Main Process)

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First of all, let us tell you that with this process you can jailbreak any device running iOS 9 to iOS 10.

For iOS 9

There are various methods available to jailbreak your iOS 9 device, but according to us and most users the best and the easiest one is to use an app called “PANGU”. It is right now most reliable and with minimum bugs.

You’ll need:

  • Pangu Jailbreak tool. Download here: Pangu Tool (Download as per your iOS version, this is important do not download any version other than your iOS version)
  • A PC
  • An iPhone/iPod/iPad (Obviously :p)
  • Some commonsense :p.

Method 1 – On Your PC :

Before you attempt to install the jailbreak, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Back up your data using iTunes and or iCloud. This is to safeguard your data in the event that something goes wrong with the jailbreak.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient space on your device – clear out old files, folders apps that you no longer use, cache files, temporary files and anything else that you don’t need. Back your photos and music up to iCloud and then store them on an external device while you are doing the jailbreak – you can put them back afterwards.jailbreaking iOS
  3. Make sure you are on the latest version of iTunesjailbreaking iOS.
  4. Open Settings on your iOS device, tap on iCloud and disable Find my iPhone – it can be enabled again later.jailbreaking iOS
  5. Disable your Passcode and Touch ID if you have it – again, these can be reinstalled later on.jailbreaking iOS


You can now jailbreak your iOS device using Pangu 9.

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer via original data cable.
  2. Download Pangu 9 [ latest version ] onto your PC or Mac.
  3. Extract the files to your desktop.
  4. Right click on the app and choose Run as Administrator [for Windows users].jailbreaking iOS
  5. Pangu 9 will open on your desktop.jailbreaking iOS
  6. Wait until app automatically detects your iOS device.jailbreaking iOS
  7. Now when your device is detected, click the Start button to start the jailbreak process.jailbreaking iOS
  8. Don’t touch your device or computer until you are asked to do so. Your iOS device will reboot a number of times during the process.jailbreaking iOS
  9. When prompted, place your iOS device into Airplane Mode. jailbreaking iOS
  10. When the jailbreak has completed, your device will reboot one last time and the Cydia app will appear on your Home screen of your device.jailbreaking iOS
  11. Tap on Cydia to launch it and set it up for first-time use. (Do not disturb the iDevice while in this state or you’ll end up permanently damaging the hardware of your iDevice.)jailbreaking iOS
  12. One set up is complete, you may use Cydia to download all your favorite apps and tweaks.

jailbreaking iOS



For iOS 10

Now jailbreaking iOS isn’t an easy task especially considering that Apple is safe and secure to its best. Now, what if you have iPhone 7 and above? What if you have iOS 10 installed? Don’t worry we are always here to help you. Here is a method to get you going with jailbreaking iOS 10.


**Please keep in mind that this is a beta version of jailbreaking iOS 10 as of now iOS 10 is latest and developers are trying hard to get their hand on jailbreaking iOS 10. So, by jailbreaking iOS 10, you agree that any harm done to your device is on your hands and it comes with few bugs under the hood.


The Devices you would be able to jailbreak:

All devices must be on iOS 10.

  1. iPhone5
  2. iPhone 5C
  3. iPhone 5S
  4. iPhone 6
  5. iPhone 6 Plus
  6. iPhone 6S
  7. iPhone 6S Plus
  8. iPhone SE
  9. iPhone 7
  10. iPhone 7 Plus
  11. iPod Touch
  12. iPod Touch (6th generation)
  13. iPad (4th generation)
  14. iPad Air
  15. iPad Air 2
  16. iPad (2017)
  17. iPad Mini 2
  18. iPad Mini 3
  19. iPad Mini 4
  20. iPad Pro

Method 1: Yalu Jailbreak

First off, it is a beta jailbreak and, as with all betas, it also brings a number of problems in terms of stability and bugs, although, in near future, we know that they are going to be fixed too. Second, it is a semi-untethered jailbreak and that means having to reinstall the jailbreak with every reboot of your iPhone or iPad. Lastly, you must side load it using Cydia Impactor rather than directly onto your device. So, as much as having iOS 10 on your device is cooler, jailbreaking ios 10 is hard too. :p

How to Install Yalu Jailbreak :

  1. Download Cydia Impactor onto your Mac or PC
  2. Download Yalu jailbreak .ipa file onto your Mac or PC.
  3. Back up your data using the latest version of iTunes.
  4. Disable your Passcode and Touch ID if you’ve set them. by opening Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. (It’s a very important step.)
  5. Disable Find my iPhone/iPad by opening Settings > iCloud > Find my iPhone/iPad.
  6. Connect your device to your computer and launch Cydia Impactor.
  7. Open the .ipa file and drag it to Cydia Impactor.
  8. Type your Apple ID and password.
  9. Wait for Cydia Impactor to side load the jailbreak onto your iOS device, do not touch anything or remove your device while this process is going on.
  10. Once Cydia Impactor is finished, disconnect your device and open Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  11. Locate the app, it may be called Yalu or mach_portal and tap on Trust and close settings.
  12. From your home screen, tap on the mach_portal icon and wait for it to load up. 
  13. It will take some time so be patient; your iOS device will respond and you should see Cydia on your home screen.

**Please note that, as this is a semi-untethered jailbreak, whenever you reboot your device, you will need to do Step 11 again. Also, if you are using a free Apple ID, the app certificate will expire every 7 days and you will need to start from step 7 again each time. Paid Apple ID’s do not have to do this.

Do tell us what you think of  Yalu Jailbreak in comments and let us know if you face any problem while jailbreaking iOS 10. Have FUN, Enjoy!!!!.


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