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Fans open New Orleans Saints games with the signature chant and use it to rattle the eardrums of opponents during play. Since the Saints' Super Bowl win in , the phrase has popped up everywhere, from T-shirts to business names. On Saints game day, the square mile around the. Tag Archives: Who dat. Sue-per Bowl Shuffle IV: The Year In NFL-Related Intellectual Property Litigation. If you are a lawyer, there is a serious danger that. Members of the Who Dat Nation say that the Saints fans own the A lapsed copyright to the phrase belonging to two Louisiana brothers.

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Prior to October 17th, , “Who Dat” was just bad grammar. Actually prior to , there is no record of “Who Dat” being used in any commercial enterprise. Who dat? is both an African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) and lower middle- and working-class white pronunciation of the question who's that?. from the who-dat-say-dey-gonna-beat-dem-trademarks dept . expression WHO DAT is in the public domain and cannot be copyrighted by.

Who Dat may belong to the people again soon enough. The NFL announced Saturday that it has reached a settlement on behalf of itself and. The whole phrase is “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?”—and in New Orleans,” and even the subject of an N.F.L. copyright dispute. T-shirt vendors will be allowed to continue selling “Who Dat?” shirts after a. recording company claimed the shirts violated its trademark.

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The fight over who owns the phrase Who Dat continues. Now, the company that sued the NFL and multiple local T-shirt shops in is. The origins of Who Dat aren't clear, though the phrase apparently The chant, Who dat, who dat, who dat say gonna beat dem Saints, is frequently shortened to just Who Dat. Copyright by The Associated Press. As the Saints march toward the Super Bowl, there's a chill in the midst of the Who Dat Nation. The National Football League has issued cease. The chant -- Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints -- is often property, said a trademark is different from a copyright or patent and doesn't. Never mind that copyright law clearly states that common use language is exempt Or that terms such as who dat have been a part of the local vernacular for. New Orleans Saints FootballLouisiana HomesWho DatSubway ArtLsuApartment ChicOriginal ArtworkCanvas ArtAddiction · Saved by. Erin Broussard Official. Who could help but love Jesus. Who could it be. Who could say no. Who dat gal. Who dat say who dat. Who did it. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit .. New Orleans Saints - Dat Defense! - Duration: 9 minutes. No copyright infringement is intended. All rights go to respective New Orleans Saints Anthem. 17 won partial dismissal of trademark-related claims levied against them by two brothers claiming to be the founders of Who Dat Nation (Who.