How To Root your Android Phone, is it beneficial?



Root: What is rooting?

You all must have thought once in your life about rooting you android device, and Utilise its full potential. Well the fear of losing your warranty or ending up with a bricked device might have stopped you from following the leads. Rooting your device means you are accessing the inner system of your device, as the word says root ! You literally browse and access the roots of your device.


Rooting isn’t bad as long as you do not disturb the required balance between the device and its hardware. Rooting gives access to the cores of your device to any app you grant root access with. So it becomes crucial for you to consider only legislative apps from very trusted sources like Google Play Store or Amazon Store. Because with apps from untrustworthy sources comes a huge malware which eats up your device from the inner cores because of the root access. You have to be more careful when in comes to customisation apps.


Rooting your device is easy nowadays thanks to the multiple apps available and equally interesting for example without you might not be able to install custom roms and various types of recoveries. Without rooting some of very useful apps won’t work to their full potential. Like I said, it’s useful if you use it right otherwise you may end up with a dead device.


Talking about the flaws, the most important one is that ‘IT VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY’ as it changes the basic system so the company won’t help you if something happens to your device but if you fully unroot your device, most devices gain back their warranty as it leaves back no traces of root. Other than this huge malware risk is also an important issue but this one totally depends on your usage.

**We are not responsible for any harm done to your device during the process, do it on your risk..! But we assure you if you do as we say and follow each step carefully,  there is no chance you’ll harm your device anyhow.

How to root your device: WITH PC


Rooting your device is just a one-click step. You can use any of the apps available out there.

I suggest KingoRoot or KingRoot or OneClickRoot.


Follow exact steps to root your device.

(Make sure you have the adb and your device drivers installed)

1. Download KingoRoot for pc or OneClickRoot for pc or Kingroot for pc.

2. Install the software on your pc.

3. On your device, go to Settings and then click on About.

4. In About, you will find Build number, keep clicking on that until you see a message like ‘No need, you’re already a developer’ or ‘No need, the developer mode has already be enabled’.

5. Now go back to Settings, you will see a new setting named ‘Developer options’ now go to Developer options and enable the USB debugging. (This is very important. Make sure you enable it before doing anything else.)

5. Now exit Settings and connect your device to your pc via USB. ( Try using the stock USB cable)

6. Now right-click on the app you just installed and click Run-as-administrator.

7. Now you should be seeing a button like ‘Root your device’ or ‘Root’ in the app. Click on that and wait for the rooting process to finish. You might have to allow USB debugging from device when prompted.  (Make sure your have a working internet connection and do not try to remove your device before the process is finished or you’ll end up having a bricked device !!!!)

8. Your device may restart during the process after that you’ll see a new app in menu. If the app is there, then congrats your device is rooted. If not, then try doing the same process with other software.

9. Now your device is rooted ! Enjoy !!


How to root your Device: WITHOUT PC


Above, we learned how to root an android device when we have access to a computer but some of you must be wondering that above-mentioned method is quite lengthy and complicated too if you aren’t an advanced user of a computer. Relax, we have a solution for you mobie -addicts but not pc-lovers too. And trust us, it is the easiest way ever ! Just one tap and relax your device would be rooted, all you have to do is to install an app and sit back and relax.

1. Open your web browser on mobile or pc and click here and download Kingroot for android.

2. Install the downloaded file.

3. Run it and click on Try it. (Make sure you have an active internet connection.)

4. After sometime it will show your device is rooted and boom, you’re done.

5. Now your device is rooted. Enjoy !!

**While most of the devices are rootable via this process, some are still unavailable. So do not panic, just wait for somedays, we hope your device would be added to the server of Kingroots soon.



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