Solve WebGL Hit A Snag Error

Is It Too Irritating? Yes, It Is! Whenever Your Status Bar On Google Chrome Says “Rats! WebGL Hit A Snag”? Ever Wondered Why You Get This Error In Google Chrome! “Rats! WebGL Hit  A Snag” Error May Appears In Chrome While You Are Browsing Websites Like Youtube Or Any Other. As You can Ignore It Sometimes But It Keeps Appearing Again And Again While Playing Online Games, Watching Videos On Youtube And Looking For The Map In Google Maps And Distracts You From Doing Your Task.

As WebGL Hit A Snag Error Keep Distracting You From Your Work And Sometimes Even It Won’t Allow You To Use Resources Anymore. So In This Article, I Will Let You Know How You Can Solve Or Fix WebGL Hit A Snag Error. All Theis Problem Is Caused By WebGL. So, First I Will Let You Know What Is WebGL.

What is WebGL

WebGL Also Known As Web Graphics Library Is The Javascript API Which Helps A Computer System To Renders 2D And 3D Integrated Graphics On  Web Browsers Without Having A Need For Plug-ins Or add-ons. The GPU Placed Inside A Computer Helps In Executing The JavaScript Which Has All The WebGL Program Codes. WebGL Acts As A Small Sheet Of Paper Around OpenGL Which Is used For Rendering 2D Graphics. Its Main Task Is To Execute The Code Inside The Computer’s GPU.

WebGL Hit A Snag

WebGL Is The Best And Easy Way To Use 3D And 2D graphics Wherever Required. Once Scripted, It Will Run Whenever We Want. WebGL Is Used In Many Different Fields Like In Web Designing, gaming and In Some Scientific Tasks too.

WebGL Is A Javascript API Mainly Based On Well Known OpenGL 3D Graphics Standard.


What Is WebGL Hit A Snag Error

WebGL Hit A Snag Is A Google Chrome Error. It Occurs Mainly When You Are Trying To Use Some High Graphics Tasks Like Playing Online 3D Games, watching 360 Videos On Youtube Or While Looking For 3D Google Maps. WebGL Hit A Snag Error Mainly Occurs Whenever The CPU Limit Exceeded Or All The GPU Limit Reached To Maximum In Google Chrome.

How To Solve WebGL Hit A Snag Error

Method #1 Disable Hardware Acceleration Of Graphics In Google Chrome

Solve WebGL Hit A Snag Error

  • You Can Solve WebGL Hit A Snag Error By Disabling The Hardware  Accelerated Graphics In Chrome.
  • Navigate Towards Settings In Google Chrome And Click On Show Advanced Settings.
  • You Will See An Option “Use Hardware Acceleration When Available”.
  • Just Uncheck It And Restart Google Chrome.

Hope, It Solves WebGL Hit A Snag error for You. If It Doesn’t Helps You We Have Other  Methods To Solve This WebGL Error.

Method #2  Disabling WebGL  Option Through Chrome’s Flag

  • Open Google Chrome://flags.
  • Look For The Option Saying “Disable WebGL”
  • Check This Option And Just Restart Your Internet Browser.
  • Hope, It Solves Hit A Snag Error For You.

Method #3  Look For The Problem In Chrome’s GPU

How To Solve WebGL Hit A Snag Error

  • Launch Google Chrome.
  • Navigate Towards Chrome://GPU
  • Here, Check For The Problems Under Problems Detected Heading.
  • By Using This Option, You Will get To Know What Exactly is causing WebGL Hit a Snag Error.

Final Words:

Hope, The Article Helps You In Solving The WebGL Hit A Snag Error. Leave a Comment Below If You Have Any Query.


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