Can We Use Tinder Without Facebook?

Tinder Is Very Popular Application Among Many Peoples. As It Is One Of The Most rated Dating Application You Can found On Google Play Store. It Uses Your Location To Find Other Users Of Tinder In Your Neighbourhood, By Whom You Can Communicate With. Tinder Allows Communication Between Two Mutually Interested Person Of The Same Locality Or Nearby Areas. The Popularity Of Tinder Is Due To the Fact That It Is Available For Android As Well For iOS Too.

It Is Becoming Popular Day By Day From The Day Of 2012 It Is been launched. It Is Most rated Dating Application Having  With Over 50 Million Downloads On Google Play Store.As You, All Knows The Impact Of Facebook On The World Of Internet. Some Apps And Sites Which Doesn’t Have Any Sign-up Or Login Procedure.They Mainly Use Facebook Login For Their Websites And Applications And Tinder Is From One Of Them. You Need To Login With Facebook If You Want To Use Tinder.

As Most Of You Doesn’t Want To Collapse Your Personal Life With Your Social Life. But For Using Tinder, You Have To Login With Facebook. It Doesn’t Bother Many Peoples But For Some People, It Is An Annoying Thing That Their Facebook friends Will Get To Know About Their Dating Life.  So, There Are Many Questions That How To Use Tinder Without Facebook, Is It Possible To Use Tinder Without facebook Or Facebook Is Mandatory for Tinder. So, In This Article, I’ll Be Sharing How You Can  Use Tinder Anonymously  Or Use Tinder Without Facebook Login.

Use Tinder Without Facebook

Why Tinder Used Facebook Login Credentials?

  • Tinder Mainly Used Facebook Credentials Due To The Fact That It Will Lowers The Rate Of Abuse And Scams As, Nobody Will do any Mischievous Act Or Abuse On Tinder Because all His Or Her information Has Already Stored In Facebook. people Doesn’t Fake if They Are Using their real facebook Account.By Using This Method, tinder keeps a check On The Reality of An Account.
  • Users Don’t Need To Upload New Photos On Tinder As All The Pictures Of Facebook Will Be Fetched Already By Tinder That Can Be Used As Profile Picture On tinder.
  • The Use Of Facebook Account For tinder Increase The Convenience As you Don’t Need To Put Basic information Like Age, DOB Put Again And Again. tinder Will Use Those Facebook Photos And Doesn’
  • You Will get More Suitable Matches, As Tinder got to Learn About your likes And Interests from your Facebook Profile.

Why You Should Avoid Login To Facebook on Tinder

There Are Many Reasons For Which You Should Not Linked Your Facebook Profile With Tinder.


Privacy Threat:

As You, All Knows That Your All Data Of Tinder Is Being Saved On Your Facebook Account Linked to tinder. Suppose, If Someone Hacked Your Facebook Account Then All Your Dating History is Revealed To the hacker. So, the Thing Is You Shouldn’t Link Your Facebook Account With Tinder. But The Thing Is, Till now there Is No Official Way To Use tinder Without Facebook. As The Tinder App Works On facebook API And It Is Not An Easy task to Disable Linking of Facebook Account With tinder. So, the Question Arises How you Can Use tinder Without Login to Facebook.

Automatic Photos Syncing

This Is An Another Reason for Avoiding Your Facebook Linking With Tinder, As After Interlinking Your Facebook Account With Tinder It Will Automatically Sync Your All Facebook Photos Which might put your Privacy In trouble.

Contact Access

In Tinder App, There Is a permission request Asking You About Your Contact Access And By default It Is Permitted To Access Your Contact Information. Most Of the  People doesn’t want Any Application to Access Their Contacts data Without knowing them.

Tinder Social

As you All Know Tinder Makes Other People Knows About With whom You Are Hanging Out. While using Tinder Social feature You Will be Prompted To Select few friends.

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook

As, Till Now It Is not Officially Possible To Use Tinder Without Facebook. But, We Have some Tweaks And Tricks That Let You make Your Privacy A Little More Better. As, We also shared how you can Access Bumble Without Facebook Which is Similar to Tinder.

Edit Tinder From Facebook Apps

As Most of the people Want To Avoid Facebook Login, Due To  Hide The Fact That They Are Using Tinder And This Tweak To Use Tinder Anonymously Works Most Of The time. All You Have To Follow The Following Steps.

  • Log in to Facebook On PC, Click On Down Arrow And Then Click On See More Settings.
  • Goto Apps, You can Find it On Sidebar.
  • Search for Tinder And Set App Visibility To Only Me.
  • Now, Nobody Of Your Facebook Friends Will Get To Know That You’re Using Tinder.

Tweak Tinder Settings

After Editing Tinder From Facebook Apps, The Next Thing You Can Do Is To Tweak Tinder Settings For Using Tinder Without Facebook. Just follow The Below Steps.

  • Launch tinder App From Your App Drawer.
  • Navigate Towards Settings In Tinder App.
  • Toggle The “Show Me On Tinder Social” Option And Switch It Off.

This Way You Can Easily Hide Yourself From Your Facebook Friends That You’re Using Tinder And Use Tinder Anonymously.

Create A New Facebook Account

In Some Cases, People Doesn’t Want To Link Their Original Facebook Account And This is One Of An Awesome idea To Use Tinder Without Facebook, Just Create A Whole New Facebook Account And follow Below Steps.

  • After Creating A New Facebook Account, Launch Tinder
  • Head over Towards Top Left corner And Look for Settings.
  • Navigate Towards App Settings.
  • Just Click On Logout And confirm it.
  • Now You Are Logged Out Of Tinder.
  • Login To Your New Facebook Account.
  • Launch Tinder And Click On Login With Facebook.
  • Now, Your tinder Account is Linked To Your Fake Facebook Account And You Can Use Tinder WIthout your Friends Knowing.

Final Words

As We Already Mentioned There Is No Possibility To Run Tinder Without Facebook But From Our research, we Find Out Some Methods Which Will Help You To Stay Anonymous While Using Tinder. Hope The Article Helps You And Solve Your Problems.



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