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Who Goes There? is a science fiction novella by American writer John W. Campbell, Jr., written . By the end of the story, 15 of them have been replaced by alien impostors. Barclay: present at alien excavation. Benning: Aviation mechanic. Who Goes There? and Other Stories is a collection of science fiction stories by John W. Campbell Jr., published by Dell Books in No other editions. I am going to ask McReady to give you the details of the story, because each .. I agree that there is going to be no thawing of this thing if there is the remotest.

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The story, hailed as one of the finest science fiction novellas ever written by the SF Writers of America, On William F. Nolan, author of Who Goes There?. Who Goes There? is a science fiction novella by John W. Campbell, Jr. under the pen name Don A. Stuart, published August in Astounding Stories. In But the film was inspired by an earlier story published in the s, “Who Goes There?” by noted editor John W. Campbell Jr., and it turns out.

Who Goes There? is a scary short story by John W. Campbell. It inspired the horror movie, The Thing and an episode of The X-Files named. To ask other readers questions about Who Goes There?, please sign up. . The story is set in Antarctica, where an isolated group of scientific researchers find. In the story, there are 37 members at the Antarctic outpost (seemingly all male, though we don't meet them all). In the film, there are only 12 men. The expedition .

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It was published under the pen name Don A. Stuart in in the magazine Astounding Stories. It directly inspired the movie The Thing from Another. He published a handful of novels and a number of short story collections. Who Goes There? first appeared in Astounding in and was later. Short fan film based off John Carpenter's The Thing and the short story Who Goes There. Wanted to play a tribute to our favorite creature. Howard Hawks: Films of the s: Campbell's classic science-fiction story “Who Goes There?” bears all the hallmarks of a Hawks film (not least in its. on a s short story titled “Who Goes There?” by John W. Campbell Jr. And now, the origins of The Thing are about to go one level deeper. Fans will soon get to read even more of the classic sci-fi story that to the latter), are based upon a novella called Who Goes There?. Yet Carpenter's The Thing is actually the third of four cinematic transformations of John W. Campbell's novella “Who Goes There?” (which. Start reading Who Goes There (Gateway Essentials Book ) on your Kindle in Every single one of these seven stories is pure science fiction gold, not only. And it wasn't the cover story? It's always a pleasure to read Who Goes There? I'm struck by how well he actually nailed Campbell's story. Who Goes There? The story, hailed as one of the finest science fiction novellas ever written by the SF Writers of America, is best known to fans as THE .