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October's Draconid meteor shower is expected to peak at nightfall or early evening on October 8, , though under a moon-drenched sky. But exceptional displays have taken place over the years. The Draconid meteor shower produced awesome meteor displays in and , with thousands. The Draconids meteor shower will peak on the night of October 8 and early morning of October 9. Use the meteor shower animation to.

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The October Draconids, in the past also unofficially known as the Giacobinids, are a meteor shower whose parent body is the periodic comet. The annual Draconid meteor shower peaks Oct. 8, and the shower is in outburst, but don't get your hopes up for a spectacular sky show. The Draconid meteor shower will peak overnight on Monday, Oct. 8, and early Tuesday, Oct. 9. Here's what to expect.

A view of a shooting star (Draconid) and northern lights near Skekarsbo at the Farneb of jardens national park, km (93 miles) north of Stockholm October 8, . Draconids Meteor shower in South Africa: peak time, best time to watch, hourly rate and direction to look. 6 days ago The Draconids meteor shower occurs every year in early October, usually peaking in the first or second week of the month when the Earth is.

What is it, when is it and where can I see the Draconid meteor shower this year?. On October 7 and 8, the annual Draconid meteor shower, also sometimes called the Giacobinids, will reach its traditional peak. Usually a moderate meteor. On October night, European observers noticed a high increase of activity of the Draconids meteor shower, with ZHR probably ranging to.

Stargazers hope to be dazzled by bright lights dashing across the sky as the Draconid meteor shower hits it peak on Monday night. Also known. [/caption]. The Draconids are coming! Will this meteor shower produce a storm of observable meteors, or just a minor squall? The Draconid Meteor Show should. Turn you head to the sky! Draconid meteor shower peaks tonight. It is best seen during the EVENING not dawn! The Draconids owe their name to the. The Draconid meteor shower is expected to happen in B.C. over the Thanksgiving long weekend. A BCIT astronomer says Monday will be the. The best viewing for the annual Draconid meteor shower is Monday October 8th —so, tonight—with the best visibility taking place in the early. October's Draconid meteor shower – sometimes called the Giacobinids. October's Draconid meteor shower is approaching, and may be easier to view this year. That is all a result of the new moon occurring on October 9th, which will . Shooting from the mouth of the northern constellation Draco the Dragon, the Draconid meteor shower will be most visible in the Northern. The Draconids, usually a minor meteor shower, could herald more than average shooting stars between Saturday and Tuesday. Here's how to. Draconid Meteor Shower. Oct 5, These next few evenings – October 7 and 8, – the fiery mouth of the constellation Draco the Dragon will be spitting.